Meet Pawan G

An engineer turned photographer and a travel enthusiast from Eau Gallie Art District (EGAD) Florida , USA

Founder of Cafe Focus. A community focused on creating an awakening with your inner passion 

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My Story

 In late 2017, a near-death event caused me to face my own mortality and the vulnerable nature of life. Following trauma, I went into a severe depression with anxiety and was ultimately diagnosed with PTSD.

Photography is a way to release my daily stress while strengthening my mind and soul which helped me overcome the depression and anxiety I was battling for some time. Photography is my form of meditation, and it leaves me with a sense of peace and gratitude.


 Through my photographs, I am excited to share the mesmerizing splendor of this world while bringing joy to your day and a smile to your face.  While you admire the photos posted on my website let yourself be carried away into a magical realm where you can create your own story… your moment…your reality. Enjoy!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.